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Mental training tennis: conference

I will be speaking soon for a conference on tennis Mental training for tennis Tennis is a demanding sport requiring good control of oneself and one’s body to develop technically but also to repeat training performances…
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Parents of athletes: psychological aspect, advices

Conferences for parents of athletes For several months I have focused quite a lot on the parents of players. Many parents who follow their child, sometimes into adulthood, ask questions about how to help their children psychologically in…


Some news about my teaching activities, variable depending on my availability and current priorities: Trainer in sports psychology for the Belgian Football Union In September I resumed teaching the psychology of football performance…
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6th season as mental coach in Sporting Charleroi (football)

I will soon start my sixth season as a sports psychologist and mental coach at the Zebra Academy of Sporting de Charleroi, an elite football club in Belgium. It was within the Youth School, under the direction of Alain Decuyper, that I had the opportunity to collaborate in the titanic work he accomplished within the structure to develop the young people of the club. to the top level in football. Next season, following his retirement, Damien Ovart will replace him, whose great qualities we know.
Manuel Dupuis psychologue du sport et coach mental Interrogé sur le plateau de l'émission Freeride

Free Ride program on the minds of top athletes on LN 24

Regardez cette émission sur la préparation mentale des sportifs de haut niveau, à laquelle j'étais invitée en plateau aux côtés de sportifs professionnels pour parler de cet aspect déterminant de la performance.
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Conference on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance (17/4 2023)

Our next conference will focus on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance, followed by questions and answers. With Manuel Dupuis, sports psychologist and mental coach for 20 years and specialist in the subje


I have the honor to participate since December 2022 in a working group for the Olympic Committee on team sports
Mental training, mental imagery football training of coaches at CEFF and CEFF

Continuing training for football coaches

This Saturday, June 11, 2022, I spoke for the Association of French-speaking football clubs (ACFF and CEFF) for the continuing education of coaches on mental imagery to optimize performance
Sport Psychology and mental coaching
Here is a conference that I give for Psychosport asbl, online and free Mental preparation for tennis practice Our next conference will focus on the practical aspects of supporting athletes in mental preparation for tennis. When?…