Manuel Dupuis psychologue du sport et coach mental Interrogé sur le plateau de l'émission Freeride
Manuel Dupuis sport psychologist mental coach

Conference on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance (17/4 2023)

Our next conference will focus on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance, followed by questions and answers. With Manuel Dupuis, sports psychologist and mental coach for 20 years and specialist in the subje
Mental training, mental imagery football training of coaches at CEFF and CEFF

Continuing training for football coaches

This Saturday, June 11, 2022, I spoke for the Association of French-speaking football clubs (ACFF and CEFF) for the continuing education of coaches on mental imagery to optimize performance
Sport Psychology and mental coaching
Here is a conference that I give for Psychosport asbl, online and free Mental preparation for tennis practice Our next conference will focus on the practical aspects of supporting athletes in mental preparation for tennis. When?…
Mental coaching mental preparation conference

Mental preparation of athletes: conference

Conference in mental coaching This Monday I gave a new conference on the mental preparation of athletes, for Psychosport, which brought together a hundred participants. On the menu: the sources of performance, sports psychology and mental…