Sports psychology

In 2003, I started working as a sports psychologist and mental trainer in a professional structure in France, then returned to Belgium and developed my activities there and abroad.

As a sports psychologist, I work with top athletes and provide them with various aids. The psychological well-being of the athlete during his activity is the center of my work. It allows it to tend towards a state of optimal performance (“the flow”).

  • I help players gain self-confidence, deal with stress and pressure, stay focused …
  • I make sure that they keep a balance between sport and other areas of life, such as private, school or professional life.
  • I provide them with psychological support, a place where they can recharge their batteries in a very intense and sometimes complicated life to manage.
  • I take care of the professional retraining of athletes
  • I accompany athletes during the injury period to support them psychologically, to help them stay motivated and to prepare for their return, in particular with mental and motor imagery exercises aimed at maintaining technique.

I have developed expertise in individual and team support, in mental imagery techniques and in the cognitive-behavioral approach applied to sport, as well as in psycho-bodily techniques such as mindfulness meditation or sophrology…

I have experience in more than 30 sports (especially football, hockey, basketball, table tennis, tennis …), but also handball, golf, athletics, combat sports (judo, boxing, taekwondo, .. .), gymnastics, cycling, motorsports, figure skating, archery, water skiing, swimming, horse riding, motocross, rowing …

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