Journal L’Avenir (14/7/23)
Interview about my job of mental coach at Sporting Charleroi (link here)
LN 24 TV (30/4 2023)

Guest on the set of the program “Free Ride” dedicated to the minds of top athletes

RTL TVI (15/5 2022)
Interview in “On est pas tous les jours dimanche”
RTL TVI (26/10 2021)
DH sport (4/6 2021)
Manuel Dupuis, mental trainer: “Footballers go to the psychologist… (link)
Sport Magazine Le Vif (3/6 2021)
Sport in mental health: Osaka leaves Roland Garros (interview link)

RTBF SPORT (13/3 2021)

I am questioned on the psychological aspects of the false positive case of Eline Berings at the European Athletics Championships (lien ici)

Journal L’Avenir (30/1 2021)

File on stress and depression in professional players

La Vista Football (4/12 2020)

Video on PSG and Tuchel: coach psychology and group management (lien)

L’Avenir (24/11 2020)

I am questioned on Sporting de Charleroi (lien)

So Foot (17/11 2020)

Interview on the missed penalties of Sergio Ramos (lien)

CEFF TV (14/10 2020)

Intervention on psychological aspects related to Covid measures for the Community of French-speaking football coaches

Eleven Sport (24/9 2020)

I am questioned on the impacts and management methods of fans’ feedback during a football match (lien cliquer ici)

La vista football (23/9 2020)

“Mental preparation for football, episode 1” (lien cliquer ici)

Prolongations (10/6 2020)
Podcast on sports psychology and mental preparation in a football club (lien)

DH Sport + (10/6 2020)
How to manage the recovery for athletes “Six months of training does not replace 1 hour of match” (lien)

CEFF TV (20/05 2020)
Intervention “Mental imagery to maintain technique and prepare for a return to competition in football” (lien)

RTBF/AFP (13/5 2020)
Interview on the resumption of football matches in Germany (for AFP: lien)

CEFF TV (10/4/2020)
Mental imagery to maintain football technique for the Francophone Football Coaches Community (lien)

Table tennis TV (27/3 2020)
Activate self-confidence before a table tennis match

Le Soir Sport (29/2 2020)
Interview on Sporting Anderlecht (“Anderlecht finally wants to confirm”)
Emission Zone Technique (27/1 2020)
On the management of pressure at the coach and the place of the mental coach in football (lien)

Magazine Wroum (oct 2019)
Interview  about mental preparation of the pilots “Meeting with the man who enters the heads of the pilots”

Le Soir Sport (27/8 2019)
Interview on Anderlecht: “The mystical belief” in Vincent Kompany (lien)

Reprise (7/8 2019)
Interview on the management of emotions and stress in tennis (Link from 28’20 ”) in Reprise, who produces tennis poadcast. (lien)

Le Soir sport plus (22/2 2019)
I am questioned on the emotional management of football coaches (lien)

DH sport (30/11 2018)
Mental faculties of long-term high level tennis players

Le soir (22/2 2018)
Expertise for article on the psychology of sport in football  (lien)

RTBF la Une (février 2018)
RTBF la Une (February 2018) Interview on motivation for physical exercise in the Xendera application (lien)

I Coach Kids (2017)
Coaching Children literature review. Chapter on motivation, pp. 63-69. For the Belgian Football Union (URBSFA)

Magazine Zone technique (football) (2016)
Article on the dismissal of football coaches (lien)
pp 20-21
Med1 Radio ( Maroc, 2016)
Expertise in “Foot Ego” File, on the personality of high level footballers

Télé Moustique (2016)
Expertise dossier “Sport, a fashionable drug” (août 2016)

RTBF la Une (2015)
Mental preparation intervention in the program “Les Héros du gazon”

RTL TVI (2015)
Intervew journal 10/8/15 (lien)

Le Vif l’Express (2014)
Expertise for the article on Marc Wilmot (27/6/14): the triumph of the average Belgian (lien)

Magazine Vestiaires (football) (2011)
Manage stress before a decisive football match (review May 2011)

Le (2010)
Sports psychology

Mental preparation in sports psychology

Use of mental imagery in high performance sport


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Dupuis M. (2009). “Sport Addiction”. Drug, Health, prevention endance to physical exercise review. Drugs, Health, Prevention, no 53, pp. 19-22 and cessation of sport and drug addiction, pp. 23-25

DH sport (8 mars 2007)
The place of psychology in sports performance