I will soon start my sixth season as a sports psychologist and mental coach at the Zebra Academy of Sporting de Charleroi, an elite football club in Belgium. It was within the Youth School, under the direction of Alain Decuyper, that I had the opportunity to collaborate in the titanic work he accomplished within the structure to develop the young people of the club. to the top level in football. Next season, following his retirement, Damien Ovart will replace him, whose great qualities we know.

This is an opportunity to thank Alain for the hard work he has done. Having met him as a colleague in the UEFA A training courses of the Association of French-speaking football clubs, he suggested that I develop mental preparation in young people in order to optimize their performance, but also to support them psychologically in the daily work towards performance. My contribution, admittedly small, focused initially on teams and players, to then work more with the biggest talents of the club in order to lead them to the top level and the 1st team (project talents U13 to U18), and U21 then U23 players. It is clear that the whole structure he has put in place has seen a good evolution of young Carolos in elite football.

It remains to wish him to enjoy his family while keeping a foot in football, and to wish his successor Damien Ovart a good evolution.