Conference on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance (17/4 2023)

Manuel Dupuis sport psychologist mental coach

Conference I will give for Psychosport on mental preparation and imagery:

Our next conference will focus on mental imagery techniques to optimize performance, followed by questions and answers. With Manuel Dupuis, sports psychologist and mental coach for 20 years and specialist in the subject

For who? Sports staff (trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, physical and mental trainers, managers, etc.), athletes, parents, etc. Program– Interests of mental imagery to maintain technique, optimize performance, activate mental states (anchoring), prepare for competitions- Some examples of techniques and concrete cases

– Questions answers

When? Monday, April 17, 8:15 p.m. (start of the conference at 8:30 p.m. sharp). Duration: 1 hour

Or? Online (zoom)

About the speaker

Manuel Dupuis has been a sports psychologist and mental coach since 2003 and works in clubs, federations and privately. He currently works for CAPSY (high-level athletes recognized by ADEPS), Sporting de Charleroi since 2018, and is a consultant for various structures, such as the Belgian Olympic Committee.Facilitator: Luc BlondiauRegistration

Registration fee: 15 euros

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Limited number of places

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