Mental training sport

I have experience in more than 30 sports (especially football, hockey, basketball, table tennis, tennis …), but also handball, golf, athletics, combat sports (judo, boxing, taekwondo, .. .), gymnastics, cycling, motorsports, figure skating, archery, water skiing, swimming, horse riding, motocross, rowing …

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Mental preparation consists of preparing an athlete (or a team) for a competition (s). The objective is to train both the strong points and the points to be improved of the athlete in order to be ideally prepared: concentration, confidence in his abilities, motivation, stress and pressure management, communication,… I also make sure to motivate, if necessary for a healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, etc.), necessary for physical performance and health, but which also has an impact on the mind

For individual monitoring, several sessions are necessary (around 5 sessions initially, generally between 5 and 10). I also support long-term athletes.

I set specific goals adapted to each individual and set up a program to strengthen qualities and improve weak points. I preferably work in collaboration with the coach and the technical and physical staff.

In particular, I use cognitive-behavioral techniques, mental imagery, mindfulness meditation applied to sport, or sophrology.