“The sessions with Manuel allowed me to know which elements were not going as I wanted and what means were available to me to improve them. I especially remember that the different techniques used quickly showed positive results for me… The mind is important because it can make big differences at key moments. This allows you to perform better intense times.”

Gaetan Perez
Hockey, honorary division player

“The sessions with Manuel allowed me to prepare myself mentally, especially for my retraining, to take a step back and gain height when you have difficulties during a career as a professional athlete. I received professional listening to my doubts and fears, help to better understand how I saw my conversion and how to live it as calmly as possible. I use controlled breathing”

Thomas Chatelle
Former professional footballer and red devil

“The meetings allowed me to be better in the management of matches and training. They also allowed me to better manage my concentration. I use breathing a lot to deal with stress, visualizing certain shots, which is what I’m going to do during the game. I find that (mental) coaching is important because often when you have more or less the same level as the opponent what is important is the mental.”

Nicolas Degros
International table tennis player

“Excellent collaboration in the mental preparation of athletes with Manuel Dupuis”

Alain Geens
Former Belgian National Hockey Team Coach
“My coaching sessions gave me knowledge that I didn’t have, to relieve stress or tension. (contract it release which I adore for example). The visualization work is also very good I find. Otherwise, Manuel is very attentive and knows his job very well. (especially for athletes)”

Gilles Richard
Football, U21 Switzerland Elite League

“The meetings allowed me to regain confidence, tranquility and above all pleasure in my sport (golf) which I had lost for a long time. On a practical level, visualization and breathing techniques are extremely effective when it comes to precision sports. On a purely mental level, working with Manuel Dupuis allowed me to overcome my weaknesses (fear of the gaze of the other, etc.), while making me understand that I had to rest the bases of my game on my strengths (resilience, confidence in technique, etc.)”

High level golf player

All of this work has boosted my self-esteem and I feel “at peace” with myself, as if coming to this level is a job finally fulfilled.
“I really like the resource image, the little grounding gesture.
I also apply visualization before a competition (SAP), and some anti-stress techniques”

Massina Michelle
Winner in the Archery World Cup

“I worked with Manuel in a few specific cases (fear of a batten, refusal in front of a hedge, …). The contact went really well, the office work was done exclusively between Manuel and the athlete. After a few sessions, Manuel took part in a training session where he briefed me on the exercises or attitudes to develop. I also participated in a conference which gave me a better approach to an athlete who doubts.”

Jean-Pierre Lessire
Athletics trainer

“Having worked with Manuel Dupuis at Sporting de Charleroi and what I learned from it on his new approaches.
Excellent mental coach. Very precise tracking. Effectiveness in results. Available and flexible. Always listening and in constant research.”

Demeuldre Mikaël
Coach Football