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Hello, I am Manuel Dupuis. I am a psychologist, graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2002 (Master).

I have developed my skills in two main areas:

  • On the one hand, that of clinical psychology and psychotherapy; my job is mainly to help people facing psychological suffering
  • On the other hand, that of sports and performance psychology; I take care of supporting and psychologically preparing athletes and their entourage, clubs, and  I help them preparing their competitions (in Belgium and Europe)

Working alternately in these two areas allows me to vary my activities, and also to reap the benefit of their interaction.

I am also involved in teaching and research activities and in the supervision of professionals.

– As a clinical psychologist and therapist, I work with adults and children from 10 years old for various problems, mainly for:

* therapy to stress, anxiety disorders and burnout

* Mood and emotional disorders , depression

* addiction problems

* affective and family relations

Discover the summary of my CV as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

-In sports psychology, my areas of expertise are:

* psychological preparation for competitions

* mental imagery

* clinical sports psychology

* injury management

* Supervision of sports psychologists

Discover the summary of my CV as a sports psychologist and mental trainer

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