Mental training tennis: conference

préparateur mental sportif

I will be speaking soon for a conference on tennis

Mental training for tennis

Tennis is a demanding sport requiring good control of oneself and one’s body to develop technically but also to repeat training performances in matchesConcentration is essential on each point and it is not uncommon to be disturbed by the score or the stakes of an important point, or by a defeat which could influence subsequent matches.

Self-confidence is also of course essential, but the psycho-bodily aspects are just as essential, in training but also in matches. The alternation of relaxation and intensity to be put into the ball are not so easy to acquire, and it is not uncommon for muscle control to be disrupted by stress, especially in important points. The mental coach is there to train techniques aimed at strengthening confidence, attentional skillscombativeness, but also “switch” and psycho-corporal control.