I have developed my experience as a sports psychologist and mental trainer since 2003 in France then in Belgium (Psychosport asbl), for sports clubs (ex: Sporting Club de Charleroi), federations (french table tennis federation, Belgian Football Union, …), the Sports Performance Support Center (for top-level athletes recognized by ADEPS) … I work each year with a hundred athletes in private, in clubs and federations. I have experience in more than 30 sports (especially football, hockey, basketball, table tennis, tennis …), but also handball, golf, athletics, combat sports (judo, boxing, taekwondo, .. .), gymnastics, cycling, motorsports, figure skating, archery, water skiing, swimming, horse riding, motocross, rowing …

As a trainer and teacher in performance psychology, I have been able to teach different subjects in sports psychology for several structures: Psychosport asbl (since 2005), the Belgian Football Union / ACFF …

I had the opportunity to teach for the University of Heildelberg in Germany and from September 2021 for the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) as part of the European Diploma in Sports Psychology.

My fields of training are varied, and are currently mainly mental imagery in the psychological preparation of athletes, individual support and interventions in teams, behavioral approach and psycho-bodily techniques adapted to sport (mindfulness meditation , sophrology, …).

Since 2002, I have acquired several university and continuing education courses.

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