* For psychological help consultations and psychotherapies, several appointments are generally offered (between 5 and 10) at first.

On average, these sessions are spaced out by two weeks, but it happens that the appointments are more frequent or, on the contrary, more spaced out depending on the situation and the demand.

The objective is to welcome the patient’s difficulties with kindness and to propose ways to remedy their problems. The approach here is mainly cognitive-behavioural, and depending on interest, psycho-corporal techniques (relaxation, mindfulness meditation, mental imagery, etc.). Psychoanalytical and systemic readings can of course be integrated, with a view to brief intervention.

* In a second step, it is possible to propose a longer therapy, more psychoanalytically oriented, but integrating according to the needs of the interventions and the readings of the other major approaches. It also happens that from the outset, the work is oriented towards in-depth therapy.